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March 19.2014
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Professional Video Review Commericals


Get a Video Review Commercial for Your Company’s 5 Star Reviews like this:

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Creating professional high quality videos can cost $2000 to $5000 for each video shoot or more. Normally for these Video Review Commercials we will charge $997, but for a limited time while we are still beta testing new features for our Reputation Marketing program, we will create a Video Review Commercial with a Professional Spokes-model for your business with all production costs covered.

A Syndication Fee of $297 is required to syndicate Your Video Review Commercial to over 30 Video & Blog Channels and Your YouTube Channel. Place your order below or Contact Us for a Personal Video Review Consultation.

Save $100 by Ordering Two Videos

Company Name
Company Phone

Contact Us if you want to purchase more videos or if you have any questions.



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