Do You Know How Your Business is Listed in the Local Directories?

Increase your Local Visibility and Generate Buzz about your Business through Reviews, Check-ins, and Promos – Increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales!

Local SEO Services

The Local SEO services is all about generating “buzz” around your local business in your targeted local area. We’re proud to be one of the few online marketing agencies that is dedicated to providing Local SEO services along with website optimization services.

What are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO Services are the optimization of your business presence in the top local directories and citations, local maps, and online reviews in search engines and major sites such as Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare. Local SEO services will make your business more searchable and increase your business's online visibility.

Why Do You Need Local SEO Services?

Did you know that local search has grown by 144% from 2017 to 2022? Local listings on Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, Yelp, Apple Maps and Foursquare are geographically relevant and are more targeted to customers. Local SEO Services capitalize on the local listings and directories and local search with reviews, check-ins, and promos to increase your visibility and induce a viral effect in the local scene. Generate buzz locally to boom your sales! Get a Local SEO consultation now!

The rise in mobile device usage has changed local search and buying behavior causing consumers to search on-the-go for instant information found in local business listings moments before they actually drop by and buy. Mobile phones direct the best business closest to the phone. This make Local SEO services are vital in todays mobile world.

What We Do? – Local SEO Services

Local Business Listing Research and Creation – Duplicate local business listings are confusing to both users and search engines. Not being present on local listings is worse. So, we’ll come in and research the status of your business in local web properties. We’ll ensure your accounts are setup and verified.

Some of our Local SEO Services include the following:
Local Citation & Website Audit: Local SEO Services has to start here. Need a local citation audit or just want to know why a local site might not be ranking?
Hyper Local Citations: Handmade, custom local business citations catered directly for your clients niche and city.
Big Citations: Authority citation building at its finest! Combined submission to big local data sites plus 20+ of the best citations.
Citation Clean Up: Bad information will hurt your local SEO. So an important part of Local SEO Services includes fixing bad information on your business. This includes wrong phone numbers, old address locations and even different business names in the listing.

Local Mobile “Check In” Visibility – We will publicize your local mobile check-in promotions via your Facebook Business Pages, Foursquare, and Google My Business accounts to encourage more check-ins and more business as well as strengthen your local signals.

  • Image Creation, Optimization, and Publication
  • Custom Citation Building
  • Review Publication and Promotion Creation
  • Promotion and Event Social Updates
  • And much, much more!!!
For every local business, optimizing your local listings is vital. Just like creating a solid foundation when building a home, local search engine optimization is the foundation your business needs to build its online presence on. 
Local SEO Services